Speed- The Speed of Youth
14/36-HD-Subtitle 2018
Myth Of Sword-Ming Hong Chuan
52/60-HD-Subtitle 2018
Beautiful Trainee-Mei Li Jian Xi Sheng
5/20-HD-Subtitle 2018
 Tu Hai Kinh Ky- Tu Hai Kinh Ky
8/12-HD-Subtitle 2018
TOP-Ren Jian Gui Ze
7/12-HD-Subtitle 2018
Star Spirit Change-星辰变
3/22-HD-Subtitle 2018
Caught In The Heartbeat-青春警事
29/40-HD-Subtitle 2018
Western Action-西方行动
16/20-HD-Subtitle 2018
Magic ancestors-Mo Dao Zu Shi
15/15-HD-Subtitle 2018
Prince Coffee Lab-Nice to Meet You
23/38-HD-Subtitle 2018
Mr Swimmer-游泳先生
44/50-HD-Subtitle 2018
Fighter of the Destiny 4-择天记 4
9/12-HD-Subtitle 2018
Europe Raiders-Ou Zhou gong lue
HD-Subtitle 2018
Age Of Legends-Cheng Hong Nian Dai
36/47-HD-Subtitle 2018
Only Kiss Without Love-一吻不定情
23/24-HD-Subtitle 2018
Go Brother-Take My Brother Away
HD-Subtitle 2018
Eagles And Youngster-天坑鹰猎
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2018
Puppy Love-Little love letter
HD-Subtitle 2018
Animal World-Dongwu Shijie
HD-Subtitle 2018
Nuts-Science and Sensibility
HD-Subtitle 2018