The Forgotten Valley-Catch One by One
20/20-HD-Dubbing 2018
In the Fog-In the Fog
HD-Subtitle 2017
Heart And Greed 3-溏心风暴3
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2017
My Ages Apart-誇世代
50/50-HD-Dubbing 2017
The Master Of Tai Chi-太極
25/25-HD-Dubbing 2008
The Men Of Justice-Fat Mong Kwan Ying
35/35-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
My Mother is Black Rose-Incredible Mama
9/9-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
The Menu-導火新聞線
24/24-HD-Subtitle 2015
Get Outta Here-Shi kai di la
HD-Subtitle 2015
Triad-Jat jik
HD-Subtitle 2012
Queen of Triads-Da sao
HD-Voice Subtitle 2017
Run Papa Run-Yat kor ho ba ba
HD-Subtitle 2008
Vampire Effect-Chin gei bin
HD-Subtitle 2003
Nightfall-Dai zeoi bou
HD-Subtitle 2012
30/30-HD-Subtitle 2017
Underdog Knight-Ying han
HD-Subtitle 2008
Wong Ka Yan-王家欣
HD-Subtitle 2015
Drunken Tai Chi-Siu Tai Gik
HD-Subtitle 1984
House of Wolves-Ngok yan guk
HD-Subtitle 2016
Magic to Win-Hoi sam mo fa
HD-Subtitle 2011
Overheard 2-Sit ting fung wan 2
HD-Subtitle 2011
The Stool Pigeon-Sin yan
HD-Subtitle 2010
Black Cat-Hak mau
HD-Dubbing 1991
To Be Number One-Bo Hao
HD-Dubbing 1991