In Family We Trust-Luead Khon Kon Jang
9/13-HD-Subtitle 2018
My Healing Love-My Love, My Cure
6/100-HD-Subtitle 2018
Bad Papa-Baedeupapa
4/32-HD-Subtitle 2018
Rich Family's Son-Boojatjib Adeul
104/100-HD-Subtitle 2018
Go Brother-Take My Brother Away
HD-Subtitle 2018
Mothers-Your Favor
HD-Subtitle 2018
The Healer-The Healer
HD-Subtitle 2017
Marry Me Now?-Shall We Live Together?
50/60-HD-Subtitle 2018
Hanbun, Aoi-Half, Blue
4/156-HD-Subtitle 2018
Youth Dinner-Liu Ren Wan Can
HD-Subtitle 2017
Twenties Once Again-重返20岁
26/36-HD-Subtitle 2018
Marriage Adventures-婚姻歷險記
39/39-HD-Subtitle 2018
The Hollow-The Hollow
10/10-HD-Subtitle 2018
Our Youth- Wo Men De Qing Chun Qi
4/40-HD-Subtitle 2018
Golden Pouch-황금주머니
98/120-HD-Subtitle 2016
Happiness Chocolate-幸福巧克力
39/39-HD-Subtitle 2018
Always Spring-언제나 봄날
122/122-HD-Subtitle 2016
Mixed Doubles-Mix
HD-Subtitle 2017
Sweet Secret-Love and Secret
102/102-HD-Subtitle 2014
Good Witch-Nice Witch
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2018