My Golden Life-Hwanggeumbit Nae Insaeng
38/50-HD-Subtitle 2017
I'm Home-アイムホーム
4/10-HD-Subtitle 2015
The Great Wives-Great First Wives
80/121-HD-Dubbing 2015
Noble Woman-Lady
82/82-HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
Melody of Love-Love Rides the Song
151/151-HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
TV Novel: Eun Hui-TV소설 은희
111/111-HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
The Dearest Lady-The Greatest Couple
99/116-HD-Dubbing 2015
The Women's Room-Two Women's Room
119/119-HD-Voice Subtitle 2013
Shining Inheritance-Beautiful Legacy
28/28-HD-Subtitle 2009
Fermentation Family-Kimchi Family
34/34-HD-Voice Subtitle 2011
The Best Lee Soon Shin-You Are The Best!
50/50-HD-Voice Subtitle 2013
Smile Mom-Smile, Mom
50/50-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
The War Of Beauties- 爱情悠悠药草香
48/48-HD-Voice Subtitle 2013
Shining Romance-빛나는 로맨스
122/122-HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
Golden Darling-Yes That's How It Is
45/40-HD-Subtitle 2016
Hanako And Anne-Hanako To Anne
52/52-HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
Smile, You-그대, 웃어요
45/45-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
My Mother is Black Rose-Incredible Mama
9/9-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
New Tales of Gisaeng-신기생뎐
52/52-HD-Voice Subtitle 2011
Mu Fu Feng Yun-Turbulence of the Mu Clan
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2012
Love or Spend-Lian Ai Lin Ju Li
77/77-HD-Dubbing 2015
Family Time-Suan Tian Zhi Wei
9/15-HD-Subtitle 2017
The Sound of Your Heart-마음의 소리
19/19-HD-Subtitle 2016
The Master Of House-大当家
55/55-HD-Subtitle 2014
HD-Subtitle 2017
Ojakgyo Brothers-Golden Pond
58/58-HD-Voice Subtitle 2011
Tao Lady-濤女郎
61/61-HD-Subtitle 2014