Legend of Shaolin Temple 3-少林寺傳奇 3
60/60-HD-Voice Subtitle 2009
Big Shot-大人物
31/31-HD-Voice Subtitle 2007
The Master Of Tai Chi-太極
25/25-HD-Dubbing 2008
The Book And The Sword-书剑恩仇录
34/34-HD-Subtitle 2010
The Legend Of Hero-中华英雄
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2007
Four Marshals-少年四大名捕
42/42-HD-Voice Subtitle 2002
The Legend Of Chu Liu Xiang- 楚留香新传
38/38-HD-Voice Subtitle 2013
Your Highness-拜见宫主大人
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2017
Flying Swords of Dragon Gate-Long Men Fei Jia
40/40-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
Tomb Of King Wang 3-墓王之王III
4/22-HD-Subtitle 2017
Drunken Tai Chi-Siu Tai Gik
HD-Subtitle 1984
HD-Subtitle 2015
Swordsmen-Wu xia
HD-Subtitle 2011
Long’s Story-Long’s Story
HD-Voice Subtitle 2014
Hands of Stone-Hands of Stone
HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Gui Quan-Gui Quan
HD-Subtitle 2016
Mole of Life-Mole of Life
HD-Subtitle 2016
I Love Wing Chun-Xiao Yong Chun
HD-Subtitle 2011
House of Fury-Jing mo gaa ting
HD-Subtitle 2005
Kung Fu Chefs-Gong fu chu shen
HD-Subtitle 2009
Drunken Monkey-Zhui ma lao
HD-Subtitle 2003