Da Mo Gu Xia -大漠孤侠
HD-Subtitle 2017
My Celestial College-我的仙界学院
19/19-HD-Subtitle 2017
Wu Di Tie Qiao San-Wu Di Tie Qiao San
40/40-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
Muder Mystery-
20/20-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
Way Of The Dragon-Xin Meng Long Guo Jiang
36/36-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Beauty Private Kitchens-美人私房菜
50/50-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Yao Chu Chang An-妖出长安
3/20-HD-Subtitle 2016
The Shaw Eleven Lang-Xin Xiao Shiyilang
42/42-HD-Subtitle 2016
Border Town Prodigal-新边城浪子
50/50-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
The Legend Liu Shan Men-六扇门
40/40-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Wind And Cloud-風雲 (雄霸天下)
44/44-HD-Subtitle 2002
Return Of The Condor Heroes-神鵰俠侶
32/32-HD-Subtitle 1995
The Legend Of Wing Chun-咏春传奇
22/22-HD-Subtitle 2012
Wind And Cloud II-風雲2
42/42-HD-Subtitle 2004
The Magic Blade-天涯明月刀
47/47-HD-Subtitle 2012
Six Flying Dragons-육룡이 나르샤
50/50-HD-Subtitle 2015
The Legend of Qin-Qin's Moon
58/58-HD-Subtitle 2015
6 fingered demon of Lute-Xue Mei
33/33-HD-Subtitle 2004
Sword Stained with Royal Blood-碧血劍
30/30-HD-Subtitle 2007
Ip Man-叶问
50/50-HD-Subtitle 2013