The Borderline-Police Boundaries
17/17-HD-Dubbing 2014
Come On, Cousin-Inbound Troubles II
28/29-HD-Dubbing 2014
Line Walker-使徒行者
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2014
A Step Into The Past-尋秦記
40/40-HD-Dubbing 2001
The Handsome Siblings-The Proud Twins
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2004
Curse Of The Royal Harem-萬凰之王
29/29-HD-Subtitle 2011
Emergency Unit-學警狙擊
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2009
Swordsman-Xiao Ao Jiang Hu
56/56-HD-Subtitle 2013
The Threshold Of A Persona- ID 精英
30/30-HD-Subtitle 2009
Journey To The West-Journey To The West
52/52-HD-Subtitle 2010
4/4-HD-Subtitle 2015
On Call 36 Hours-The Hippocratic Crush
25/25-SD-Dubbing 2012
Scarlet Heart -步步惊心
40/40-SD-Subtitle 2011