Delicious Love-Tasty Love
3/3-HD-Subtitle 2015
Smile, Dong Hae-Useora Donghaeya
159/159-HD-Subtitle 2010
Vampire Flower-Baem-pa-i-eo-eui Kko-t
6/6-HD-Subtitle 2014
6/6-HD-Subtitle 2019
Wonderful Life-Wondeopul Raipeu
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2005
Save the Family-Gajokeul Jikyeora
123/123-HD-Subtitle 2015
Couple or Trouble-Couple of Fantasy
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2006
Discovery of Romance-Finding True Love
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2014
Me too, Flower!-Nado Ggot
16/15-HD-Subtitle 2011
Autumn Tale- Endless Love 1
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2000
Holy Land-홀리랜드
4/4-HD-Subtitle 2012
The King and I-King and Me
63/63-HD-Subtitle 2007
To Be Continued-We Became Stars
12/12-HD-Subtitle 2015
Miss Ripley-Goodbye Miss Ripley
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2011
Hwang Jin Yi-Hwangjini
24/24-HD-Subtitle 2006
My Husband Got a Family-Unexpected You
58/58-HD-Subtitle 2012
Snow Flower-Snow Flakes
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2006
16/16-HD-Subtitle 2009
Noble, My Love-The Noble You
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2015
Tazza-War of Flowers
21/21-HD-Subtitle 2008
Beethoven Virus-베토벤 바이러스
18/18-HD-Subtitle 2008
24/24-HD-Subtitle 2008
Temptation of Wife-Cruel Temptation
129/129-HD-Subtitle 2008
Spring Waltz- Endless Love 4
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2006
A Man's Story-Story of a Man
20/20-HD-Subtitle 2009
12/10-HD-Subtitle 2006
Que Sera, Sera-Ke Sera, Sera
17/17-HD-Subtitle 2007