Heart And Greed 3-溏心风暴3
35/40-HD-Subtitle 2017
My Ages Apart-誇世代
50/50-HD-Dubbing 2017
The Master Of Tai Chi-太極
25/25-HD-Dubbing 2008
The Men Of Justice-Fat Mong Kwan Ying
35/35-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
My Mother is Black Rose-Incredible Mama
9/9-HD-Voice Subtitle 2015
The Menu-導火新聞線
24/24-HD-Subtitle 2015
30/30-HD-Subtitle 2017
The Unholy Alliance-The Alliance
28/28-HD-Dubbing 2017
Line Walker: The Prelude-Line Walker 2
30/30-HD-Subtitle 2017
Oh My Grad-老表,畢業喇!
18/30-HD-Dubbing 2017
Come Home Love-愛 · 回家
724/804-HD-Dubbing 2012
Overachievers- 名门暗战
29/29-HD-Dubbing 2014
The Borderline-Police Boundaries
17/17-HD-Dubbing 2014
Come On, Cousin-Inbound Troubles II
28/29-HD-Dubbing 2014
The Ultimate Addiction-Midas
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2014
Rear Mirror- 載得有情人
20/20-HD-Dubbing 2014
Black Heart White Soul-忠奸人
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2014
Inbound Troubles-Lau Biao Ni Hao Ye
20/20-HD-Dubbing 2013
Sisters Of Pearl-掌上明珠
26/26-HD-Dubbing 2013
Beauty At War-War and Beauty 2
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2013
Will Power-法外風雲
30/30-HD-Dubbing 2013
Brother's Keeper-Big Wheel
31/31-HD-Dubbing 2013
Tiger Cubs-Flying Tiger
13/13-HD-Subtitle+Dubbing 2012
Rosy Business-Jin Guo Xiao Xiong
25/25-HD-Dubbing 2009
Storm In A Cocoon-Property Protector
31/31-HD-Dubbing 2014
32/32-HD-Dubbing 2012