Family Time-Suan Tian Zhi Wei
11/15-HD-Subtitle 2017
Golden Darling-Yes That's How It Is
54/54-HD-Subtitle 2016
Refresh Man-後菜鳥的燦爛時代
17/17-HD-Subtitle 2016
Love Around-真愛黑白配
21/21-HD-Subtitle 2013
Zhong Wu Yan-鍾無艷
31/31-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
The Legend Of Hero-中华英雄
40/40-HD-Subtitle 2007
Death Girl-Gloomy Salad Days
20/20-HD-Voice Subtitle 2010
Dark Blue And Moonlight-深藍與月光
12/12-HD-Subtitle 2017
See You In Time-已讀不回的戀人
2/20-HD-Subtitle 2017
Memory Love-Memory Love
17/18-HD-Subtitle 2017
Wake Up 2-麻醉風暴2
13/20-HD-Subtitle 2017
The Perfect Match-極品絕配
17/18-HD-Subtitle 2017
Love Cheque Charge-Ticket to Happiness
46/74-HD-Subtitle 2014
Love, Timeless-鐘樓愛人
15/15-HD-Subtitle 2017
The Teenage Psychic-通靈少女
6/6-HD-Subtitle 2017
The King Of Romance-如朕親臨
17/17-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Behind Your Smile-浮士德的微笑
19/19-HD-Subtitle 2016
Taste Of Love-唯一繼承者
15/15-HD-Subtitle 2015
To The Dearest Intruder-致,第三者
15/15-HD-Voice Subtitle 2016
Prince of Wolf- 狼王子
18/18-HD-Subtitle 2016
Love By Design-必勝練習生
9/20-HD-Subtitle 2016
Just You-就是要你愛上我
39/39-HD-Subtitle 2013
Swimming Battle-飛魚高校生
8/8-HD-Subtitle 2016
KO One Re-member- 終極一班4
58/60-HD-Subtitle 2016
In A Good Way-我的自由年代
25/26-HD-Subtitle 2013
Love @ Seventeen-我和我的十七歲
15/15-HD-Subtitle 2016
22k Aim High-22K夢想高飛
7/9-HD-Subtitle 2016
Justice Pao 2-包青天 2
25/25-HD-Subtitle 2005
Wind And Cloud-風雲 (雄霸天下)
44/44-HD-Subtitle 2002