Most Bizarre Insects

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From bugs that can store honey inside of their own bodies to insects that can hiss to ward of predators or attract the ladies.

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8. Giant Japanese Hornet

This is the largest hornet known to man and is absolutely your worst nightmare if you’re a honey bee or smaller insect. This hornet grow to be about 2 inches long. In addition to its enormous size, these things are just as fierce as a samurai warrior. Just 30 Japanese Hornets can completely devour an entire honey bee nest in 4 hours. It completely dismembers every bee, and eats only the body parts that are rich in nutrients, leaving dismembered insects behind. It stores a paste in its throat after it has feasted, and feeds the larvae the leftover nutrients. If you see one coming your way, run in the opposite direction. A sting can be venomous, extremely painful and result in hospitalization.

7. The Titan Beetle

Want to put this thing in a blender and make some beetle juice? The Titan Beetle is one of the largest beetles in the world and can grow up to 6 and a half inches long and has fangs that can cut flesh. It’s normally bigger than the size of your hand as you can see in this photo with the little girl. It’s been documented that it can also snap a two pencil in two. So even though it’s cute, you probably don’t want to pet it. Luckily you won’t have to worry about grabbing a newspaper to swat this thing unless you live in French Guiana. This creature only lives for a few weeks but grows at rapid pace, getting as heavy as 1.2 ounces. Looks almost demonic in way, right?

6. Fire Ant

Of all the insects, you’re most likely to get attacked by fire ants and their stings kill about 20 people a year. Its bites cause painful swelling and people with certain allergies can even die. But this won’t be the only ant on our list. It gets a lot more bizarre.

5. The Flower mantis

The flower mantis is certain type of insect that can mimic the appearance of flowers and isn’t your average preying mantis. NOt only can they blend in with their environment to hide from predators but they use their camouflage abilities to hunt insects who don’t notice them. Once an unsuspecting insect comes within range, its already too late. The mantis has struck them with a deadly attack. What makes them even more bizarre is that people actually keep these as pets.

4. The Dung Beetle

In case you didn’t think bugs were gross enough, here’s a photo of a beetle rolling up some dung. This beetle can roll dung into nearly perfect spheres up to 250 times heavier than itself. These balls of dung are later stored for food. And you thought eating top ramen for dinner was bad, this is their primary food source! Surprisingly enough, the dung they find from herbivores is all the sufficient nutrients they need to survive.These creatures are found on every continent besides Antarctica.

3. Honey Pot Ants

These bizarre ants are found in the southwestern United States and in Australia. They use their own body for food storage. These ants collect honey and keep get a little bloated after taking in too much. This excess food supply is valuable and is used to feed larvae. As the ant gets bigger, it has trouble moving and their role serves exclusively as feeding the others. With all this honey inside them, they look sort of tasty right? Some countries serve them as a delicacy and they’re surprisingly sweet.

2. Hummingbird Moth

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a hummingbird moth! Don’t mistake these bizarre insects for real birds. Thier wings can move incredibly fast like a real hummingbird but if you look closely it’s not quite the same thing. These insects are active both during the night and the day. You might spot these in France, Spain and China year round but they tend to migrate south for winter. Places like India, Algeria and Southeast Asia.

1. Bullet Ant

These are biggest ants in existence and are spotted in South America. One bite from these creepy crawlers, you’ll be crying for your mommy. These ant’s grow up to one and a half inches tall and their bite is known to be one of the most painful. Victims have reported severe pain for up to 48 hours. So whatever you do, don’t disturb the colony! Despite their tough appearance and venom, they are regularly eaten by other larger predators in the rainforests across South America. Ants will most likely never become extinct and they’ve survived millions of years, making them the most tough and bizarre insect.