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A Day On The Planet - Kyou no Dekigoto (2004)

A Day On The Planet (2004) - Kyou no Dekigoto

  • HD
  • 1 hr. 50 min.


Seven friends gather at Masamichi'fs house in Kyoto, where he'll soon begin graduate studies. All of them college students; Nakazawa (Satoshi Tsumabuki), an aspiring filmmaker still contemplating his first project, his adorable girlfriend Maki (Rena Tanaka) who decides to open a small barber shop in the bathroom, Nakazawa'fs best friend Kate whose sole preoccupation is the boyishly handsome Kawachi, intimidating the insecure boy while ignoring all of Masamichi'fs other classmates, the scruffy Nishiyama and the seemingly detached Sakamoto. Bottles are emptied, but the night is still young. Breaking news about a whale stranded on a beach and a man stuck between two buildings are broadcasted live on tv. It is just another day in their lives, and yet so many things happen; short precious moments, fleeting thoughts, mundane events, unusual incidents, both trivial and significant, whether they're experienced in their hearts or in the real world around them. The night slowly progresses and when they cross that hazy line between today and tomorrow, they find themselves greeted by the new morning of a new day.

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