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Café. Waiting. Love. - Cafe. Waiting. Love. (2014)

Café. Waiting. Love. (2014) - Cafe. Waiting. Love.

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Shi-ying ( Sung Yuhua ), a university freshman who works at a cafe . Here, she meets with A Bu-si ( Megan Lai ), a lesbian who is a professional coffee maker who can make any types of coffee drinks according to customers' order, the shop's proprietress ( Vivian Chow ) who talks less and loves to be alone and sitting in a constant seat most of the time, and Ze-Yu ( Marcus C ), who was the partner of the shop's female owner . One day, Senior A-Tuo ( Bruce ), who is senior of Si-ying and pretty legendary in the university, comes to the coffee shop with his friends, but meets with a reportedly lesbian who stole his girlfriend - A bu-si, by coincidence . As the friends keep teasing A-Tuo, Si-ying, with full of helping and justice heart, helps A-Tuo out of the difficult situation, and finally, A-Tuo and Si-ying become friends . Senior A-Tuo is an optimistic and open-hearted boy, making others feel of his happy-go-lucky personality . Besides working part-time, he also works for Bao ( Lee Luo ), who was a director and leader of gangster, as a cook at his restaurant . There, he gets to know Aunt Jin-dao ( Pauline Lan ), so does Si-ying . Starting as acquaintances, Si-ying and A-Tuo become good friends with each other . A-Tuo starts having the feeling of love to Si-ying, but Si-ying takes him as a friend whom she can confess any thinking in her heart openly, as she likes another guy . Later, Senior A-Tuo goes backpacking overseas . By then, Si-Ying starts realizing that, A-Tuo is the one whom she has been waiting for .

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