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Come On, Cousin - Inbound Troubles II (2014) Episode 1

Come On, Cousin (2014) - Inbound Troubles II

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Having wandered abroad for many years, LAM TSOI-YEH returns to Hong Kong because his father, LAM CHI-WING, has become seriously ill. As fate would have it, he gets to know the neighbors that dwell in the same tenement building, which completely alters his life. He starts working in a supermarket, then becomes a union leader, and eventually a Legislative Election Candidate. During these years, he and his neighbors witness the changes in Hong Kong. Seeking to protect and promote labor rights, TSOI-YEH has battled against YAU TIN, a wealthy heir, for several years. Flip-flopper District Councilor CHAI TSAU-SHUI takes the advantage to freeload, yet her former relationship with a wealthy businessman is instead exposed. TSAU-SHUI’s daughter CHAI CHING-MAN was TSOI-YEH’s first love, but is arranged by TSAU-SHUI to date KWOK PO. Since then, she has led a very sheltered life. On the other hand, TSOI-YEH’s younger sister, LAM SUET, repeatedly suffers a snub in pursuit of her dream of becoming a singer; whereas her boyfriend MA LEI-AH, who is desperate to court fame and fortune, even messes with married rich women regardless of the consequences…… All of these reflect what is happening in the real world, and we all have our own story irrespective of our wealth, poverty, or political stance. Having our own life, love, and career to pursue, and our own kind of dream to be weaving, we keep believing and safeguarding the spirit of Hong Kong: Never say never!

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