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Dragon's White Dew is Frost (2018) Episode 1

Dragon's White Dew is Frost (2018) -

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Christmas Long Bach Lo Vi Suong tells about the early years of the nation, the son of the late White-marshal Bach Lo Sinh encountered a scene where the whole family was slaughtered from an early age, only he was lucky to survive, taken to Long Tran Thu's house. The only son of Long Tran Thu is Long Tuong, the same age as Lo Sinh, his beautiful appearance but his personality is coldly unintentional. Lo Sinh was often forced by him but could do nothing. Long Tuong's lifelong dream is to be president and Lo Sinh wants revenge. Then there will be Lo Sinh's day affecting the pre-road of Long Tuong, one side is infinite glory, one side is Bach Lo Sinh and Long Tuong will have the choice ...

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