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Ever Night - Jiang Ye (2018) Episode 1

Ever Night (2018) - Jiang Ye

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When a family was unjustly massacred by a great general, a young boy named Ning Que escaped. He managed to survive in the wilds through his wits and committing murder. One day he dug out from a pile of corpses a little girl, Sang Sang. Since that day the two of them are inseparable. Ning joined the frontier military and eventually become part of the entourage of Princess Li Yu as she traveled back to the capital. He managed to discovered the hidden school known as the Upper Storey, which leads him and Sang Sang to many wondrous adventures. However, hostile forces are gathering around them, and people not who they appeared to be. Is Ning Que the son of the King of Underworld, or the savior of humanity against the Eternal Night? Ning Que would defy the powers of Heaven and Earth to protect his beloved...

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