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Last Friend - 仅剩一口的青春 (2018) Episode 1

Last Friend (2018) - 仅剩一口的青春

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  • 25 min / epi


Chung translated from love for music like Qin, along with fellow roommate Coco, Ngan Long, and handsome O Kim, five young Optimus group founder, but during the training, Chung translated a secret related to Qin Shi. Qin Zhi was a transplant of the heart, which donor, is the brother of Chung lost due to traffic accidents. It is difficult to accept the reality so suddenly, the more unable to let Qin replace his brother position, under the persistence of the Qin, Chung gradually let go, also hope can with Qin according to his brother's heart, went up to the stage of National Star, fulfilling his brother's musical dream.

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