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Mǔ dān tíng -  牡丹亭 (2014) Episode 1

Mǔ dān tíng (2014) - 牡丹亭

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In the past, Thai Do Bao in An Nan district had a daughter named Do Le Nuong. She is very beautiful and very clever. Do Bao invited a teaching teacher for her daughter, teaches daily Le Nuong read "Kinh Thi" collection of ancient Chinese poetry. A complete Xuan Huong also follow her study, but Huong Xuan is very playful, often skip school go out. After illness has helped, Lieu Mai Mai stepped in the flower garden, accidentally picked up the portrait of Do Le Nuong, he felt like to meet this beautiful girl where, immediately brought back in the reading room The more he admired, the more he loved the beautiful man in the painting, calling her day by day, looking at her as a living person. Speaking after the death of her death, her soul still lingering in the flower garden, she saw Lieu Mong Mai si love, really love her so, went to the reading room every evening with him, in the morning after leaving. Lieu Mong Mai asked Le Huong, how can be forever with her. Hien Nuong said, just dig up the grave, she can live again, Lieu Mong Mai heard so very happy, took the hoe digging the grave, then Le Huong resurrected, she is as beautiful as old. So the couple should be husband and wife live together happily.

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