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Meng Qi Shi Shen - Adorable Food Goddess (2018) Episode 1

Meng Qi Shi Shen (2018) - Adorable Food Goddess

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Diep Giai Dao is a man of the modern world, a real American editor who comes from a good line of chefs. However, piercing into the body of the eldest daughter, Diep Binh Hoai-Diep Can Hien, in Duong Chau, the year of Hoai Tong. Becoming a newcomer of the three reigns of Hac Phong - Ha Thuan Vu. Ha Thuan Vu makes the Imperial Court - working on the outskirts of the town, Ha Thuan Vu in his heart implies a precaution against this new lady, suspecting that she is a great contemporary who arranges on the side to observe her actions . But with strange words and sophisticated technology, she gradually conquered the heart of Ha Thuan Vu. Diep Dao also gradually discovered that this Three-Family is not simple.

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