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Monsters (2015)

Monsters (2015) -

  • HD
  • 1 hr. 40 min.


The manager of the cold, boring single house, Ung Giai (Luu Thanh Tran), after leading the customer to see a building under construction, found forgetting another phone in the gallery, She turned back to find herself, just entered the elevator, suddenly there was a loud noise coming, the building collapsed, the elevator fell shattered ... Ung Giai wake up after coma, found himself trapped under the heap crumbled in 30 meters of broken elevator, unable to move, on the person only a phone to work broken, a lighter and a bag. You try to reassemble the phone, but can only press the replay key to try calling for help! At the request of her rescue, she unknowingly unveils a dark secret hidden behind the collapse of the building, but more frightening than it is lurking in the rubble, because of the polluted environment that transforms into evil monsters.

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