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My Amnesia Girl (2010)

My Amnesia Girl (2010) -

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When Glen Apollo finds himself surrounded by friends who are beginning to settle down, he is faced with the possibility of finding his true love. It all boils down to one name: Irene. It must be fate than when he once again sees Irene, his ex-girlfriend from 3 years ago with whom he had the best memories with. Apollo and Irene were a perfect couple and were engaged to be married. It all ended at the altar when Apollo had a bout of cold feet and left Irene alone in the aisle. Now, Irene has no recollection of Apollo, having acquired “amnesia” shortly after their separation. Apollo sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Irene again, and be able to undo all the mistakes he made in the past, by offering Irene the best memories she could ever have. True love is difficult to resist, they learn. Just when they find themselves ready to commit to each other, the pains from the past catch up with them, challenging them to finally own up to the mistakes made and lies said, and eventually realize what it is to forgive and forget.

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