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My Huckleberry Friends - Ni Hao (2017) Episode 1

My Huckleberry Friends (2017) - Ni Hao

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After “With You”, My Huckleberry Friends is the next adaptation of a Ba Yue Chang An novel. On her first day of primary school, Yu Zhou Zhou falls down and thus gets to know a guy named Lin Yang. Lin Yang helps her adapt to school and the two become friends. Later, rumors spread and Lin Yang’s parents request of their son to stay away from Zhou Zhou. Having to deal withLin Yang drifting apart from her, Zhou Zhou learns how to feign indifference. When entering high school, Zhou Zhou escapes from Lin Yang and her other former classmates and can finally breathe again. In the end, she manages to get into Zhen Hua senior high school. However, at Zhen Hua Zhou Zhou meets Lin Yang again. Zhou Zhou doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. Several hardships await Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang during their high school time, which leads them to grow up. Will the two be able to find back to each other in the process?

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