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On the Beach at Night Alone - 밤의 해변에서 혼자 (2017)

On the Beach at Night Alone (2017) - 밤의 해변에서 혼자

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  • 1 hr. 41 min.


After an affair with a married man, celebrated actress Yeong Hee decides to take some time out. She travels to the far-off, foreign city of Hamburg. In a conversation with a friend she asks herself if her lover will follow her and whether he misses her as much as she misses him. During her long walks through wintry parks and along riverbanks she attempts to become clear about her feelings and desires.The question about the meaning of love in our lives is a common theme in all the films of Hong Sang Soo, and yet the answers to this question always appear to just slip from our grasp. Back in Korea, Younghee meets some old friends in the coastal town of Gangneung. They eat and drink together and, as is so often the case in Sang Soo's films, Korea’s national drink Soju plays an important part. Under the influence of alcohol Yeong Hee provokes, insults and angers the others. Their conversations get more and more out of hand, giving vent to minor and major realisations and truths. Afterwards, Yeong Hee withdraws to a deserted beach. It seems as if she can only truly find herself in nature.

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