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Scarlet Innocence - Madam Bbaengduk (2014)

Scarlet Innocence (2014) - Madam Bbaengduk

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20-year old Deok Yi’s quiet small-town life gets exciting when a former University Professor, Hak Kyu, moves in, running from the scandal of a sexual harassment allegation. He works as a literature instructor at a culture center and she works at an old amusement park. Mutual attraction leads the pair into a lusty affair, but when the fall semester begins, Hak Kyu is reinstated at the university and returns to his familyin Seoul, leaving Deok Yi behind. She refuses to let the relationship die, and a confrontation between them turns tragic when Hak Kyu’s wife commits suicide. 8 years later, Hak Kyu is a popular writer, but he is barely able to see, losing his eyesight to a disease, and he's estranged from his daughter Cheong, who blames him for her mother's death. At this time, he befriends Se-Jung, a new neighbor who moves in next door. He gladly accepts her help and Cheong becomes romantically attached to her, neither realizing she is in fact Deok Yi, the woman Hak Kyu betrayed 8 years ago, now on a quest to destroy them. Her plan sets off a vengeance-fuelled chain of events that ultimately sets the three bitter, angry and desperate schemers on a twisting collision course with each other.

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