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Songs Of The Spirit (2017) Episode 1

Songs Of The Spirit (2017) -

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In the sixth month of the sixth month, Dinh Mui, Mao (July 12, 1917). At night, in the sea tide rise, in that night the sky and the moon are all looking into the sea, the image emerges everywhere. At that time in the city, smoke and dust, houses collapsed, hundreds of thousands of living beings fell into extremely miserable. Three great fighters in the world - Zhang, Han, Cao to save the sentient beings, unite together to clarify the image, the journey to hide a great mystery, terrible danger can shake The fate of Hoa Ha longan. Truong Thien Khai, the nature of the good, the burden of the family, find out Lau Lan the history, the two difficult relations difficult to remove, celestial floods. In order to rescue hundreds of thousands of people from burning oil, to solve the threat of Hu's fall, Thien Khai led the squad through all the dangers, finally supporting Lau Lan. Lau Lan, where thousands of years ago had fallen, had a large Thien-shaped tomb, in an unpredictably grave tomb, Thien Khai and the first born squad. Everywhere the sea appeared, the great grave Thien in Lau Lan, these two things to the utmost are related to each other? The story of an overcrowded road slowly opens.