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Taichi Master - 太极宗师之太极门 (2017) Episode 1

Taichi Master (2017) - 太极宗师之太极门

  • HD
  • 45min


Taichi Master 太极宗师之太极门 is a Chinese TV series telling the story of a frivolous young man who later transforms into a taichi grandmaster, yet the story is more complicated than that involving a nation's struggle, a fighter's honor and a family's pride. Needless to say, it's a lot of dramatic stuff in what seems to be a promising action series, I mean come on, all the characters young and old, men and women look badass. Kevin Cheng headlines as the titular lead though I really think he is way past the age of glory at the age of 46. He was pushing it as a young prince in City of Devastating Love but maybe I'm wrong, after all, they say men age like wine. The rest of the cast includes Tina Tang Yixin (Rule the World), Lin You Wei, Bai Bing, Ying Hao Ming (Mystic Nine) and Yuan Bing Yan (Royal Highness). Yes! It's a big ensemble cast, a leading role for Tina Tang and a mini reunion for Mystic Nine's Ying Hao Ming and Yuan Bing Yan.

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