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The Evolution Of Our Love - 爱情进化论 (2018) Episode 1

The Evolution Of Our Love (2018) - 爱情进化论

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Ai Luo Man is an outstanding and independent career woman with good qualifications, however, she is not favored by men. She even got told by her ex-boyfriend that nobody would dare to love her due to her difficult character. Her best friend of fifteen years is Lu Fei, a gentle and easy-going man who is always ready to adapt to others and loves cooking and taking care of his house and plants. Women love him, nevertheless, he hasn’t dated a lot and doesn’t even want to consider marriage. Both Luo Man and Lu Fei have already reached their thirties and strive to better themselves and live a better life in the big city. While doing so, they finally find love as well.

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Yong Pal-Yongpalyi
18/18 2015
24/24 2007
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