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The Flow of Love and Desire - Sai Rak Sai Sawat (2018) Episode 1

The Flow of Love and Desire (2018) - Sai Rak Sai Sawat

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Jao Kamfah, who has a fiancée of Yaowalak but falls in love with his daughter Fong Kae in Chiang Mai, decides to marry Fowler to marry Fong Kae. However, ironically, Fong Kae also has his love contract is MR. Yingsak and decided to flee from this forced marriage. They live together and have two children, Sakchai and Sompa, although Yingsak's mother, Mom Yot, has never accepted her son-in-law. After marrying, Yaowalak married Mom Jao Kiatkong and had a daughter Yorkiat, but in the heart of Yaowalak never forget about the fiance Jao Kamfah. Meanwhile, the maid Bapple in the house had been eating with Prince Kiatkong pregnant should be forced to marry Naifu husband and birth daughter Plew, also living in the house near the palace of Mom Jao Kiatkong. MR. Yingsak brought his family to rent a house near the Supachai power of his good friend Prapop and Pakinee, who had two sons, Pakinai and Pubadi. And from here, the affair between the neighbors and the other again opened many other knots to the overlapping relationship between love, hate and jealousy of the previous parents. Can young people love to overcome the hatred, jealousy and hurt that previous life left?

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