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The Girl's Ghost Story - Sonyeomoodeom (2014)

The Girl's Ghost Story (2014) - Sonyeomoodeom

  • HD
  • 1 hr. 30 min.


In Su comes back to his hometown, where all his miseries of being able to see ghosts started. He tried running away but as In Su can’t help but taking grudges of ghosts, more ghosts swarm around him. He seeks advice from his uncle, Sun Il who also inherited the ability from their great grandfather. But Sun Il is of no help. In Su’s new high school life is another nightmare with bullies picking on weak classmates. His only consolation is a mysterious ghost girlfriend. One day, the bullies at school get attacked one by one by a gruesome-looking masked girl. In Su senses powerfully fierce grudge around the class and finds connection with a bullied girl who committed suicide. Associating with his dark past, In Su wants to make changes and engages deeper into the deadly case to unmask the secret.

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