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The Great Adventurer Wesley: Fragment Man - 冒险王卫斯理 (2018) Episode 1

The Great Adventurer Wesley: Fragment Man (2018) - 冒险王卫斯理

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Adapted from Ni Kuang's Wisely Series, the science fiction film revolves around a bisexual (the second generation of rich families), engaging in adventure and making friends. alien. Set in the background, aliens have been appearing on Earth for thousands of years. An international detective has used state-of-the-art technology to protect and protect humanity. A broken hand appeared in the old lady's house (Ambeda), an international police officer. While investigating the emergence of supernatural powers, Vệ Tư Lý (Da Luu Lac) and Bach's daughter Bach Ho (Ho Nhien) met a man named Dang Thach (Lâm Gia Đống), who could separate the body according to their will. A similar finding has also been discovered in Egypt, where the Pharaoh's mummy was split into several pieces. That draws people's attention to the mysterious tomb and the secrets it holds.

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