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The Scroll of Wing Chun White Crane - 永春白鹤拳之擎天画卷 (2014)

The Scroll of Wing Chun White Crane (2014) - 永春白鹤拳之擎天画卷

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  • 1h 30min


Fan Chen and Chen Xing grandfather in Taiwan, Accidentally got on home Yong Chun "108 White Crane style boxing spectrum," the picture , in order to root, this national treasure relics returned to hometown, Grandpa let granddaughter Fan Chen Yong Chun County will scroll back to participate in the annual "Yong Chun crane Fist Cultural Festival ", and by the activities of opportunity will be donated to picture the organizers of thefestival. Chen Fan can the plane, he would face a wave of hidden evil, antique merchants and Butler criminals trying to snatch picture arrangement, after about the incident, Chen Fan boyfriend Yong Chun White Crane's successor Fang Yi Yang and good friend Jerry also joined the ranks of the protection picture. While protecting the picture, the sisters found a picture of my grandfather were caught in the first lover photos, meanwhile, followed heist picture of evil, and a number of stronger than a group. Grandfather's wish to complete two, four small partners experienced a series of thrilling, but ridiculous story ...