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The Two Generation Era (2017) Episode 1

The Two Generation Era (2017) -

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Young mother Kim Xán Xán is a full-time housewife, staying at home for four years. Kim Xán Xán is full of love mother wanted a baby, her parents-in-law, she went to work a second birth certificate. However, this has been opposed by her mother, and their incomes are a bit mundane, can not guarantee family life if there is another baby. In that circumstance, Kim Xán Xán has to give his daughter Hinh Nhi to go to kindergarten, and I went back to find a job. At this very moment, Kim Xán Xán had a second child. After the baby is born, the conflict between the two families is growing, young couples also from that day to mature, overcome difficulties. On the other hand, Kim's close friend Do Quyen also gave birth to a second child, however, her husband often has to work away from home, Do Quyen put all the attention for two children, gradually ignored the other needs Of her husband, making the couple more and more distant ...