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The Way We Were - Gui Qu Lai (2018) Episode 1

The Way We Were (2018) - Gui Qu Lai

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Shu Che, Xiao Qing, Liao Ying and Ning Ming are children from rich households who all go to America, either because their families want them to study there or because of love. There, they become the elite foreign students of their school. Shu Che and Liao Ying were lovers, but their parents forced them to break up. Xiao Qing is different from the others, she is proud of her uncorrupt father andbelieves that goals should only be achieved through your own hard work. Even when everyone else laughs at her and her mother gets into a car accident, she doesn’t retreat. Little by little, she earns other people’s respect and Shu Che ends up falling in love with her. But when Xiao Qing becomes involved in a corruption scandal, her beliefs are tested as she has to decide between love and justice.

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