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The Whispering - Whisper Whisper (2018)

The Whispering (2018) - Whisper Whisper

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  • 1 hr. 31 min.


After the notorious college entrance exam, Eun Ha and her friends are supposed to have fun but still busy to build more career to enter better college. “This is going to be our last winter as a teenager and we should do something memorable!” Woo Sung, the teenage ‘Youtuber’ suggests an idea to go out for a trip. On their way to the beach, they unexpectedly arrive at a spooky closed-down haunted house, where the owner killed his wife and daughter. Despite a shaman’s warning to stay away from this haunted house, Woo Sung plots to broadcast a fake live show of ghost. When they are shooting, each friend disappears one by one after hearing a whisper. And when Eun Ha is trying to find her friends, she hears another whisper of somebody she knows.

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