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Tomb Of King Wang - 墓王之王II (2017) Episode 1

Tomb Of King Wang (2017) - 墓王之王II

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It is said that Luo Wuti assisted Li Tu to repair the tomb of Qin Shihuang, was appointed Crown. Next-generation disciples built sophisticated gravestones for nobles, heterosexual princes, and sent the perpetrator to the perpetrator. Of these nine graves are honored as "The Crown of the King," called "Thousand years not stolen, ten thousand not destroyed." The name is far from the sea, richly rich, Gypsy called them Tombs. When Lost, passed on the title of grave to the Great Wall of Murder, causing the descendants of Lac Gia to dissatisfaction. The two great clans made an appointment in front of the emperor, if they broke the nine graves, they could take turns holding the grave. Since then, Lac Thi clan left the grave of the Wall, self-disciples called the Ministry of Education. For hundreds of thousands of years, two great majors like water with fire, struggling players. Wanderers, wicked robbers love the museums of the gravestones, the imperial court also desires to scramble for the throne of the Crown. From time to time, between the four-handed-power-four powerful forces emerged, close to the four sides, forming a Vo Martial Arts Center of the mind center.