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Tough As Iron - Kkangcheoli (2013)

Tough As Iron (2013) - Kkangcheoli

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  • 1 hr. 48 min.


Gang Cheol is a legendary street fighter in Busan, who cleaned up his act to care for his sick mother. Things are going well for him, and he’s happy in a budding relationship with Soo Ji, vacationing in the seaside town. As their relationship grows, Gang Cheol is dragged into the criminal underworld when he sees Busan gangsters Sang Gon and Hwi Gon re-staging the accidental death of a Yakuza mobster as an accident and an old friend, Jong Soo, gives him up to the Busan gang. Knowing he’s desperate for money for his mother’s operation, Sang Gon proposes that Gang Cheol works for him. Gang Cheol refuses, but when Jong Soo gives the deed to Gang Cheol’s how to Sang Gon as collateral for a private loan, Gang Cheol is left with no choice, but to bite the bullet.

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