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Tracking Knights Phantom - Heroic Legend (2011) Episode 1

Tracking Knights Phantom (2011) - Heroic Legend

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The famous novel Pingtung Photo Association of the late writer Luong Vu Sinh has been repeatedly put on the screen. Previously there were three television dramas, the 76th edition of Giai Thi HK (Tran Cuong, Duong Phan Phan), the 85th edition of the ATV (Liu Tung Nhan, Me Tuyet) was considered classic; Recently in 2003, by Fan Bingbing, Huynh Hai Bing (in Vietnam with the heroic name of Ngo Tri). Upcoming will be the fourth movie to be screened. Tan Binh Tung Hiep Photo will be conducted by the couple Phan Viet Minh - Dong Khiet and female lead Truong Dan Phong and Van Loi. Director Li Huidan revealed that initially they did not want to close, but after watching 5 scripts, they changed their mind. Also interesting is the romance in the 85 version is Liu Tung Nhan and Michael Snow will also participate in the film, playing a middle-aged couple. They will play the role of Truong Dan Phong and Van Lei, also a couple. After news of Phan Viet Minh and Dong Khiet will be the main female lead, the network has some people waiting, some people worry, many people protest. They claim that the image of Phan Viet Minh is far removed from that of Truong Dan Phong, and that Dong Chia is also somewhat similar to Van Lei.