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Treasure Venture - Xian Nu Chuang Tian (2000) Episode 1

Treasure Venture (2000) - Xian Nu Chuang Tian

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During the Ming Dynasty, the Emperor orders three people to go in search for a famous country and people management book. The book is hidden in the first Ming emperorÂ’s tomb, together with a large amount of gold. The three people who went into the tomb are the EmperorÂ’s royal brother Chen Wong Ye, an official Lu Duan Wen and his wife. In order to open the tomb, they need three keys. While in the tomb, Chen Wong Ye wants to kill Lu Duan Wen and his wife so he could take the treasure and the book as he wants to overthrow his brother and becomes the emperor himself. Fortunately, Lu Duan Wen and his wife are saved by a grave thief named Li Jia Li and Chen Wong Ye escapes with one key. Lu Duan Wen and his wife keep one key while the grave thief keeps the other key. Together, they propose a pact that their children would get married. On the way home, Lu Duan Wen goes into labour and gives birth to a baby girl with the help of a kind old man named Wu Ma. However, she dies soon after that.

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